Top Ten Cities to Be Visited by Culinary Freaks

1. Luxembourg

No matter how small the country is, I hope you have heard of it. If you like Germanic, French and Belgian cuisine, you will enjoy your culinary vacation over here! The specialties are crayfish, pike and especially trout but it doesn’t end here. You will also memorize the cakes and pastry!

2. Edinburgh

Scotland is, in my opinion, highly recommended country to visit. Not only because of it’s spectacular sights, but also because of a great culinary experience you will get there. I don’t mean just those three Michelin-starred restaurants. Not at all! I recommend the pubs, hotels and farmer’s markets.

3. Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Not in this case whatsoever. The culinary experience you get there, not only that you wouldn’t like to forget, but you will share it with your friends afterwords. Did you know that Vegas is like a second home to most of the world famous chefs? If you think this recommendation isn’t good enough, go and check for yourself.

4. Palermo

Ah, bella Italia! Do you smell the basil, tomatoes, garlic…? If you are a fan, pack your bags and head to Italy! Although part of Italy, Sicilian cuisine is kind of it’s own. Fresh greens, vegetables, grain and fish…. Of course, you can choose a number of pasta dishes but, i don’t be fooled, Italy isn’t all about pizza and spaghetti. Also, I strongly recommend arancini as an appetizer (served in all of the Mediterranean countries as well but still…).

5. Singapore

Here’s an exotic one. I can not mention one dish as the best. However, I think you should try the chili crab dish. Not too exotic but still way better than the fried chicken! Also, you must try the scallops in black bean sauce! The locals say that the grilled shark is the specialty over there but, as it is served in many countries (I’ve tried better to be honest), I can just say go for the  crab and scallops first. Delicious!

6. San Sebastian

Spain itself is a culinary heaven. I give you San Sebastian as a challenge. The tapas are probably the best in the whole country. Great thing is that the city is on the coast so you won’t miss by trying any of the seafood prepared in every possible way!

7. Bologna

Another one in Italy. Can you blame me? Fish isn’t the first thing your host would offer you here. Heat lovers – welcome! Primary, you’ll get pork dishes there. Ever heard of Mortadella? Well, you’ll get the best of it here.

8. Mougins

Ah, France at last! What can I say? The wines, the cheese… But wait, this small town has something that will remain in your memory! With a population of 17,000, the town has more than 60 restaurants. This shows how much they respect the cuisine. And you won’t be sorry if you decide to tease your taste buds there.

9. Ludlow

Don’t think of England as fish-and-chips state please! You really should visit this undiscovered culinary capital and then make your judgment. Fantastic little restaurants, family-owned pubs, food like your grandmother used to cook….

10. Gothenburg

If you think of Sweden, does pastry come up to mind? Well, you’re right! But there’s more than that. The seafood you will try there will leave you speechless! Don’t think you can find the goods from the seas on the Mediterranean or the Pacific only!